Milk Cellulose Fabrics

Clothing can be made from a variety of fibers, including cotton, wool, polyester, silk, and now, even milk. Milk fiber or milk wool is a regenerated protein fiber based on the casein protein found in milk. Milk fibres are made from sour, not fresh milk.
The milk is allowed to ferment before it is turned into a powder, which is then heated and mixed with other natural ingredients. The entire mixture is turned into yarn, which can be woven or knitted into a silk-like cloth and used in desired lengths and use.
Milk fabric is non-allergenic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Milk fibre has a PH similar to human skin,  hence, the products made up from them are more compatible with human skin.
Milk fibre is “a very smooth and soft product” that is mainly used for the clothing worn close to the skin, including T-Shirts, sportswear, dresses, underwear loungewear and so on. Milk protein fiber is healthy for skin, comfortable, with bright colours due to good dyeability, etc. These fabrics are light, soft, comfortable, colourful and elegant and retain colour after several items of washing. These fabrics are more comfortable has excellent water transportation, air permeability, good moisture absorption & conduction.
Milk fibre fabrics have now become an attracting interest outside of the fashion world as they satisfy people’s pursuit of comfortable, healthy, superior and fashionable garments. It is a new generation of innovative Fiber that has come up with innumerable skin benefits. It has now come up with an eco-friendly way of turning the spilt milk or dairy waste into surprising new material.

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