Ayurkruti, a word derived from Sanskrit, a traditional language of India, the word which means “Creation of Ayurveda or herbal”. As the word says, our online site is about the availability of those special products which can solve your major problems. We are the pioneers in bringing online shopping exclusively for ayurvedic products. We follow the old Indian methods of medicine which is known as the most effective kind of medicine. We are here to reach it up to your doorsteps.

Idea :

   Our idea of this site is to provide an easy online availability of all ayurvedic products and handicrafts at a click on our site to save your valuable time and for you to know our excellent services. We are also on the intention of promoting our traditional treatment providing an effective result with reasonable prices.

Foundation :

        On the hard work of our team on making ideas, dealings, marketing etc., since 2016 we are successfully here in the last stage of promotion. Throughout our journey we are fond on the interests of our customers and well wishers. We carefully studied the market and customer interest and passed traditional channels to provide our best to you.

Focus :

     Though we work in kerala, we are spreading our wings across India and UAE initially, and we are looking forward to reach you farther more where ever you are across the globe. We would like to reach beyond your expectations very soon.

Our products :                                          

      Our products are majorly from different parts of Kerala which include more than 15 ayurvedic centres which directly reach out to the people in the local areas. We assure you on providing 100% pure ayurvedic products and serve you with complete commitment to our service.

Whats new ??

       A wide collection of handicrafts showing our traditional values and which is environment friendly with appealing features of various collections are also available for you through us, just as an extension of our products from medicine to trendy stuffs.

Why ayurkruti???

        To uphold our traditional medicinal methods which were taken over by the influence of western medicine and to enlighten you with the lost knowledge of Ayurvedam, we are here to look again into the nature for cure which is the first source of healing.

        Ayurvedic treatment which is in coexistence with nature and environment-friendly, overall which is effective for the user is once again brought forward to you without indulging you in any trouble of getting it in your hands.

      Just order online and look forward to it to reach your door !!!