Organic Rose Petal Fabric

Rose Petal Fiber is another one of the new vegan handwoven fibres made from roses.
It is a new cellulose fibre made from rose bushes. Fabric is smooth and nice like silk and is incredibly lustrous. This fabric is eco-friendly, biodegradable and easy to be dyed. Rose petal fibre is very fine and quite slippery so it needs to be spun with a tight twist to transfer it to the fabric we expect.
The rose petal fibre is extracted from the natural waste of rose petals and rose bushes. Then is the fibre stripped and processed to create a luxurious soft spinning fibre, similar to silk.
Rose is a natural skin toner, hence the fibres made from it helps in skin inflammation problems and solves prickly heat issues in the skin. It makes the skin soft, smooth and glowing.
Rose Petals contain anti-oxidants that fight off free radicals, skin irritants, excess sebum and germs. Hence clothing made from it cools & smoothens body and supports the nervous system.
Roses are considered as a natural sunscreen as it contains Vit C and is an excellent cleanser. Hence fabrics made of it can be used as a powerful shield against harmful UV rays, moisture your skin and is very beneficial for sensitive skin. It is natural blessing derived from plant and there are no side effects on any skin types even skin with Acne issues, & can be used on all skin types. This fibre is an environmentally friendly, green eco fibre and it is bio-degradable.

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