The Story Of Orange Fabric Has Just Gone Viral

The orange fiber is designed to meet the demand for innovation of the sustainability of fashion brands. Orange fiber is a textile made by extracting the cellulose from the fibers discarded from citrus fruits by-products that would otherwise be thrown away. The peels are processed with a patented method to extract the cellulose that is spun to form the final yarn. The final yarn or fabrics are then dyed, printed & colored to create fabric according to whatever look and feel we want. Finally, a biodegradable material like silk is produced which is soft to touch and shiny in appearance, suitable to be woven with any type of existing yarn.

Fashion needs to adopt a sustainable alternative where both environment and human cost are considered as important as profit. With our Orange fibers, we want to encourage sustainable design and production in the fashion industry.

In addition to being good for the environment, the textile is good for the body as well, containing health properties. The new vitamin-enriched textile of Orange fabrics represents a brand new opportunity in view of looking for the Eco-friendly textile industry as it tackles the environmental issues of citrus waste production and job opportunities.



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